Carin Ekman

What is the best thing about being part of the Volvo Group?
Well apart from being a large global company with a strong brand of course. I think the best thing about the Volvo Group is the company culture. Everyone is always striving to become better and improve our ways of working which is our outmost importance in order to stay competitive on the market. As an employee within the group there are also so many opportunities and professional areas to work within, being a large global company.

In short what have you done so far?
I am working as a virtual manufacturing engineer at the Quality & Engineering department at headquarters. I am involved in project that are looking into how virtual manufacturing can benefit our business.

Then being an engineer myself, I also think that just being part of the fourth industrial revolution is exciting. So many new technologies are coming up and to find if or how they can benefit the business is so interesting, this is the best time to work with manufacturing and logistics.

To do that at a company like Volvo Group where you as a graduate are immediately is working with investigating if or how these technologies can be used in the best way is also exiting of course. You are from day one part of projects that you can see makes a difference, for yourself, the company and your colleagues.

Why would you recommend someone to apply for the Operations Graduate Program?
To begin with, join the program; it is a lot of fun! It is I think it is a great way to start your career; you quickly build a large network and get to see many different areas of the company that you would not during a regular employment, that is a big advantage. You get an opportunity to meet so many inspiring like-minded people, both other graduates and new colleagues.

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