Building up a global experience and a valuable network of contacts - Oscar Nilsson, Business Analyst

Oscar Nilsson wanted to get his career off to a good start, which is why he chose the Volvo Group’s IT Graduate programme.
Meet Oscar Nilsson

“You’re part of a large global company where there’s a lot happening in IT. At the same time, you can build up a valuable network of contacts for the future,” he says.

Originally Oscar Nilsson wanted to be a pilot, but his interest in IT took over.

“It’s a really exciting industry where things are developing really fast at the moment. I think it would be better to have flying as an expensive hobby instead,” he explains.

Oscar grew up in Helsingborg in southern Sweden. He has a degree in system sciences and IT management from the University of Gothenburg. After completing his course, he began looking for a suitable trainee programme.

“I soon decided on the Volvo Group. It’s a global company with a well-known brand and it offers a lot of opportunities for personal development. That suited me perfectly,” he says.

Oscar did his Graduate period in the Group’s IT business, Volvo Group IT. He is currently working on a project to develop an advanced analytics platform. This is one of the Group’s strategic priorities and the goal is to allow large volumes of data to be accessed and analysed in order to exploit its full potential. It is a large and wide-ranging project.

“It’s a great team to work in. I have very knowledgeable and experienced colleagues who I can learn from. And my job is interesting and stimulating. At the beginning it was difficult to keep track of all the acronyms and the new things I had to learn, but now things are getting easier. At the moment I’m leading one of the projects that will start using the new service,” he explains.

Although Oscar was aware that the Volvo Group is a large global company, he was still surprised to find that he was in contact with other countries as part of his day-to-day work.

“I’m in global meetings every day with colleagues from different countries, including France. It’s great,” he says.

When his Graduate period is over, Oscar hopes to continue working on the project. He is also planning to make his career within the Group.

“At the moment it’s all about new technology, for example connected, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and the introduction of electric drives. It’s an exciting time for the Group and it’s amazing to be part of all of this,” he explains.

The Volvo Group’s IT graduate programme gives Oscar a twelve-month work and the chance to take part in a range of activities with the other participants. They will visit the Group’s businesses in Bangalore in India and in Lyons in France, among other things. Oscar explains that he has had the opportunity to spend three days working at the truck factory in Tuve outside Gothenburg and to visit a dealership.

“It gave me a really good insight into the company and the business. At the same time, I’ve been able to build up an extensive network and make valuable contacts within the Group. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough,” he says.

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