"There are few workplaces that are as inclusive as Volvo Group"

Kaha Salad had the opportunity to work at Volvo Buses for a summer. This summer work led to both internship and after that an employment at Volvo Penta after she finished her studies.
"There are few workplaces that are as inclusive as Volvo Group"

What did you do at your summer job?

Last summer I had the incredible opportunity to work at Volvo Buses HR department. My duties consisted of personnel responsibility for the remaining Volvo Buses summer workers. I took part in various union negotiations and was responsible for exit interviews. I also had the opportunity to shadow my experienced colleagues, and this led to a better understanding of what HR work entails.

Why did you apply for a summer job within the Volvo Group?

All roads leads to Volvo, especially if you are from Gothenburg! I have always wanted to work for a large international company and the Volvo Group is known for having good development opportunities. I didn't know what I wanted to work with when it came to the HR role, and this was something I mentioned to my manager at the time. I gained a very good understanding of what opportunities there were when taking on an HR role, while at the same time I was able to connect with other People leaders within the group.

What are your main learnings from the summer work?

This was an incredible work opportunity that was educational and my colleagues were helpful in making sure I got the most out of my summer job. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to expand my network and get to know many people within the Volvo Group. My colleagues made it clear that one of my duties was to network, for which I am grateful. That led an internship and now I work with HR matters at Volvo Penta!

Do you have any advice for others looking for summer jobs within the Volvo Group?

Take the chance and apply to the Volvo Group! It is rare to find a workplace that is so inclusive and really strives for their summer workers to have as much fun as the Volvo Group does!

Fact box:
Name: Kaha Salad
Position: People and Culture Generalist.
City: Gothenburg
Education: The HR program with a focus on work and organizational psychology.

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