Meet Vidhi Rawat: “As a female mechanical engineer, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.


“The day I got offered a job at the Volvo Group, I knew my life had changed forever. I was so excited and motivated to work in a place where I wouldn’t be treated differently because I was a woman. My parents never made a difference between their sons and daughters.

I’m the eldest of three and their dream for me was to be an engineer, but they would have supported me whatever I had done. After finishing my mechanical engineering degree, I went to work for an automotive organization and during my time there, the opportunities available for female engineers were limited.

It felt terrible, I was passionate about the work and had the right qualifications to handle the tasks, but was always dissuaded to visit the factories, suppliers or to handle any critical issue.

Then Volvo happened - I applied for a position at Group Trucks Technology and was thrilled to discover that the hiring manager was a woman. I had never met any women engineering managers till I joined Volvo and was surprised to find equal opportunities were given to women. Now, I am finally able to commit my full focus on engineering and I believe that the Volvo Group has set the right example by recognizing that women need to be given equal opportunities, in a widely male dominated domain.

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