“Working here never stops being challenging or fun”

“I love the challenge of having to keep up when the world changes,” says Daniel Svanberg, IT architect at Volvo Group. Before he joined the company, he did not know what to expect. Today, he sees himself staying his entire working life.
Daniel Svanberg

How did you end up working at Volvo Group?
I started off as a consultant developer. That’s when I really discovered Volvo Group and decided that this is where I want to work. So, when I got an offer to start as an architect – there was no doubt, I accepted the job.

What made you become interested in Volvo Group?
The diverse challenges: creating IT solutions in a transport solutions company and the many development opportunities that come with that. It is really amazing to stand in front of a truck and be able to say: “I have actually been a part of building this!”

What are the development opportunities?
There are huge opportunities for developing both personally and learning more in your profession. There are also great options considering shaping your work-life balance. I started out as a developer, but now I’ve had three different types of architect roles. That journey made me see things from a bigger perspective, and not just assume anything without asking questions. I also learned how to communicate with a lot of different types of people.

How important is your role?
It’s as important as the nut holding the machines together. No matter what’s manufactured at Volvo Group, it needs software, since everything is controlled by it.

What has been your biggest challenge?
When I went from developer to architect, I had to learn how to spot all the factors that can affect a solution. I also needed to realize when I had not looked at the problem from every angle. Now I am the one who translates the requirements into technical solutions, before I implemented the solutions that the architects delivered.

What makes Volvo Group different from other employers?
Apart from the development opportunities, I would say that the work climate is very modern. For every new decision, our values regarding equality and transparency are taken into account. We also work very closely with our bosses. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

What would you tell anyone who is considering applying for a job?
Do it! Here, everyone shares their experience instead of acting like they are experts who know better. As long as there’s still something new to learn, it’s worth being here. I find it hard to believe that working with Volvo Group IT would ever stop being challenging.

Finally, what new challenges does the future bring?
From an IT architect’s point of view, we will see a higher degree of non-functional requirements related to our carbon footprint that we’ll need to take into account when we design new solutions and update our existing ones. This area is where we can truly continue to drive and develop our focus on sustainability.


Name: Daniel Svanberg
Job title: Solution Center Architect
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Education/Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Systems science at Blekinge Institute of Technology
When I’m not at work: Apart from spending quality time with my wife and son, I brew and drink my own beer

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