A passion for protecting the environment

The environment lies close to James Loan’s heart and he finds an outlet for his passion at the Volvo Group.



James has been working for the Volvo Group at the New River Valley truck manufacturing plant in Dublin, VA, for 23 years. Four years ago, he moved to Maintenance, hauling recyclables and maintaining the green mindset.

When asked about his passions in life, he proudly talks about his children, grandchildren and his farm. He continues by reminiscing about summers when his grandson came to visit and learned the responsibilities of maintaining the farm through hard work. 

"Pollution contaminates the ground, which contaminates the water, which contaminates the food on our table," says James.

Through his work at the Volvo Group’s plant, he dedicates his life to promoting healthy changes on the planet. He shared the sense of satisfaction he feels when he has done a full day's work helping the environment.

"Everyone should contribute—one person can't change everything. So I try to lead by example on the production floor and at home, in the hope that others take notice,” he explains.

Even with the smallest of tasks, he accepts responsibility to ensure all is done to promote being eco-friendly. Furthermore, he’s excited that what he is doing is making a difference here in New River Valley and around the world.

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