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In the Volvo Group, we deliver logistics services with world class operational excellence in an efficient and sustainable way, thereby reducing costs, disruption and environmental impact.

Through constant development and improvement of our logistics solutions, we aim to make sure that we deliver world class logistics services. This includes:

  • Making sure that material is supplied to the production facilities, that appropriate packaging is developed and available and that products are distributed to dealers, body-builders, and end customers.
  • Making sure that management of material, warehousing and distribution ensures the global availability of aftermarket parts to dealers and end customers at the right time, the right place and the right cost.
  • Acting in close co-operation with other Group units globally to efficiently develop and deliver services and products with the right quality, delivery time and cost within the agreed budget.
  • Taking care of customs handling and logistics risk management for the Volvo Group.

Volvo Group Logistics Services Portal

Volvo Group packaging system

The Volvo Group packaging system is a fully managed range of packaging which mainly supports the Volvo production environment. In specific cases, the Volvo system also supports external packaging flows which contribute to lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for Volvo.

Packaging Efficiency

Having good packaging that protects your goods is, of course, an obvious requirement. But it is also extremely important that the packaging is optimized for every stage of your production process, and that the packaging system supports lean production. Available load capacity must be utilized efficiently, empty runs minimized and maintenance handled correctly.

The Volvo Group packaging system is open for packaging users who require packaging volumes in their own tier Volvo supply chain. Volvo also promotes packaging flows that offer synergies for Volvo in a global context and which increase the efficiency of the Volvo packaging pool system.

Regardless of whether you choose our standardized packaging systems or an individual tailored solution, we make sure your goods are transported trouble-free, economically, safely and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Packaging management

Our packaging systems are truly global, which means we can serve all production facilities around the world. You can easily follow the packaging flow and gain full control of your packaging materials through our web based management system.

Risk management documents for consignee

Risk management has developed a set of guidelines to support How to file a transport claim for loss and damage occurred during transportation.

These guidelines are aimed towards the party on risk as per the sale/purchase incoterm of the cargo.

There is a general guideline applicable for all, and in addition more detailed guideline aimed as further support  for each business area/unit.

Claims filed are handled in accordance with Volvo Group marine cargo insurance terms & conditions.

Risk management documents for logistics provider

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Handling instructions

ECG Operations Quality Manuals 


Handling instructions


Transport handover – cargo inspection procedure


Claim handling procedure Logistics provider

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