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Volvo Group Magazine

Volvo Group Magazine is a global publication for all Volvo Group co-workers, published five times per year. 

The purpose of the magazine is to inspire and engage employees by communicating Volvo Group from different angles; explain where the Group is heading, provide context and background information, highlight team work and success stories. The stories cover a wide range of topics such as customers, innovations, collaborations, products, strategy and culture. 

The Volvo Group Magazine is available in 13 languages: English, Swedish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Spanish. It is produced in partnership with an external agency with a circulation of approx. 80,000 copies.

Contact: groupmagazine [at] volvo [dot] com

Latest edition
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Growing in the Volvo Group

Trading places

Maria Bergving and Joel Laestadius are one of seven pairs participating in a pilot project in which juniors are leading seniors. The question is, what can a young employee teach an experienced manager? In a digital world where the conditions are constantly changing, the answer is simple: a great deal!

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