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Job Application Tips & FAQ

On this page we will provide you with some general tips for applying for a job at Volvo, answer some frequently asked questions about our hiring process, and help you prepare for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Your application gives us the big picture of who you are and can be your entry ticket to a career at Volvo Group. All our job ads include the criteria that you need to meet. You should only apply if you think you meet the criteria described in the ad. You can apply for several positions at the same time. Your profile will be available in the system for all applications. Your cover letter can be modified for each application.

A standard application consists of a cover letter and a resume, if more documentation is needed it will be specified in the job ad. You can apply without signing up for an account. Once you have sent your application you will get an email as a confirmation.

There is no one best way to construct a cover letter and resume, they are your documents and your way of marketing yourself. Here are some simple job application tips by our recruiters to help you prepare your application towards a future career at Volvo Group.

Job application tips

Our recruitment specialist shares his four tips on nailing your job application.

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Cover letter tips

This is your opportunity – in one page maximum - to tell us why you are applying for the specific position and why you think you are a perfect match. Use your own words, avoid using a standard message and repeating words from the job ad. Provide concrete examples to illustrate what you have to offer. Highlight your strengths and remember to be honest. There is no need to over do it - be yourself, that is the best thing you can show us!

Resume tips

Make it informative and have a clear layout. Don’t leave gaps, write it in a chronological order, starting with your current or latest position. Just like your letter, your resume should tell us who you are, make it ”talk”. We recommend a maximum of 2 pages.

Interview – show us your passion

As a company we draw our strength from different personalities, backgrounds, skills. Tremendous energy and passion come with our diverse perspectives. They are essential to making smart decisions, building innovative teams and ultimately making our company purpose come true.

Approach each interview like a discussion with a current co-worker. Your skills are of course important but we are also interested in the person that you are - what makes you ”tick”, what you are passionate about and how we can be a perfect match.

Watch the video for five tips on how to shine at your interview

Prepare before the interview

Practice makes perfect! Practice until the story you would like to tell flows. Use examples to highlight your skills and who you are as a person. The interview questions we at Volvo will ask you will cover everything from what gives you energy, to your successes and failures. How you get inspiration and how you inspire others.

Be prepared for questions on your technical experience as well as your personal traits and competencies. A perfect match goes two ways and so does the interview. It is your opportunity to show yourself and your skills set but also ask us questions that matter to you. Read in and prepare the topics you would like to discuss with us.

Be yourself during the interview

Preparation is key to feeling confident and showing the best of you during the interview. It can be conducted either by the Hiring manager, Human Resources Business Partner or a Recruiter. The first interview can be face-to-face, by video or by phone. If selected as one the final candidates you will most likely be invited for additional interviews.

In order to keep our candidates, recruiters and hiring managers safe during the pandemic, we frequently run our interviews digitally using an application to connect with you by computer, tablet or smartphone. If you are invited for a digital interview you will receive appropriate instructions. The interview can be done either with audio and video or with audio only. To make the experience as comfortable as possible we would like you to prepare a few things:

  • Check your technical equipment ie secure an appropriate internet connection for a video call, test that your camera and microphone work well.
  • Sit in a private and quiet environment.
  • Come prepared by reading about Volvo Group and the position.

Volvo assessment tests

For some positions you will be asked to complete one or multiple online assessment tests. The tests assess both personality and ability. Take your time to answer the tests and feel free to ask for clarification.

Welcome to Volvo Group

Once you have signed your employment contract your new manager will keep you posted and in the loop. You might get invited for a coffee with your new colleagues or a walk around in the office. We will provide you with a extensive on-boarding program delivered by Volvo Group University.

We look forward to working with you and shaping the future together.


Yes, we post all open positions available for external applicants on our careers site.

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At this point we only accept applications on our open positions.

No, you can easy apply without an account. Signing up for an account is a good tip if you apply for multiple positions and would like to handle your documents in an easy way.

We advise you to keep the resume on two pages and cover letter on one page.

Yes, you are welcome to apply on all positions you find to be a good match for you. However, you can only apply once to a specific job post. 

This will depend on what position you have applied for. The lead time can be affected by various conditions, for example the number of applicants. We always strive to work as fast and efficiently as possible with our recruitments. As soon as we have information from the recruiting organization we will contact you.

For some positions you will be asked to record an online video interview. This is done through a specific online tool with preset questions. Please note that only the recruitment team and hiring manager at Volvo Group will review your video. 

Congratulations! This probably means that we are interested in you and would like to know more about you. The tests help us understand more about you and your potential fit for the position. After you have done the tests you will be given a feedback on the outcome. Our recruiters will be happy to help you if you have any questions. 

Yes, we do. Please visit our career section for students.

Yes, we offer a great variety of opportunities globally, please visit our job portal.

Yes, you will get both on the job training and formal training during your employment. Our Volvo Group University offers more than 2,000 different global and local quality assured training opportunities on the core areas you need to develop today and tomorrow.

When applying you will receive a confirmation mail with instructions on how to sign up for an account at Volvo Group. Use this account to access your application documents.

No, we only accept applications through the job portal using an applicant tracking system.

Yes, in some of our countries we have this function available. Click on the Bell symbol in the upper right corner on the job portal for instructions.

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