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Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society. ​ We can promise you some really skilled colleagues and some truly demanding tasks from day one.​ Whether you are a Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Function Owner or a Java Developer – there are engineering jobs where you can make a real difference. Join Volvo Group for an exciting technology career.​

Work with the latest technologies to shape tomorrow's society

It all starts here

Volvo Group Trucks Technology is the global research and development organization of the Volvo Group. We provide state-of-the-art research, engineering, product planning and project execution to final delivery and support of today’s and tomorrow’s transport and infrastructure solutions.

The first autonomous commercial solution

Volvo Trucks has signed a landmark agreement with Bronnoy Kalk AS in Norway to provide its first commericial autonomous solution transporting limestone from an open pit mine to a nearby port.

Ground-breaking innovations

Find out how Volvo CE and Skanska achieved a 98% reduction in carbon emissions in the Electric Site research project. 

Team up with the sharpest minds of the industry

For us in the Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve and do better. Listen to some of our technology experts:

Meet Juliane Tosin: “I loved hearing stories about engineering"

““My Mom has seven brothers. Growing up, I spent every Sunday at my grandma’s house with the entire family – more than 30 people in total, all crammed into a small house in the countryside. These Sunday afternoons were, and still are, very loud, ...

Meet Jesper Axelsson: “I like being given a problem to solve”

“The best present my parents ever gave me was a children’s chemistry kit. One night, I snuck down to the basement with it – along with some additional supplies I’d picked up from the kitchen – and started to run some experiments. Let’s just say one

“Good to work with something that will change the world”

For the past three years, Gustav Carlsson has worked on the development of Volvo Trucks’ electromobility offering. “Cycling behind a truck that belongs to one of our very first electromobility customers was the best thing I‘ve ever done in my

AI hits the road

It’s hard to find a more popular buzzword than Artificial Intelligence, AI, these days. This field of technology has simply exploded in the last few years and the automotive industry is driving progress. Self-driving vehicles are not science fiction anymore and they require the most advanced AI available.

"Batteries are extremely intriguing"

If you think that batteries for electric vehicles are similar to those in your electrical home appliances, cell phone or even the start battery in your traditional gasoline or diesel car – think again! Traction batteries in electric vehicles are very complicated, as they need to fulfil many tough and incongruous requirements.

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