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Do you have what it takes to work on the frontier of electromobility for heavy duty vehicles? Apply here today.

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Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society. ​ We can promise you some really skilled colleagues and some truly demanding tasks from day one.​ Whether you are a Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Function Owner or a Java Developer – there are engineering jobs where you can make a real difference. Join Volvo Group for an exciting technology career.​

Work with the latest technologies to shape tomorrow's society

Testing batteries to the extreme

To help accelerate battery development, the Volvo Group is investing heavily in its in-house testing capabilities for electric drivelines. Ylva Olofsson is overseeing the company’s new climate lab for batteries. “Electromobility is taking off at a very high speed, and here you feel that are right in the middle of it,” she says.

New career at 55 – hydrogen safety expert

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has huge potential to change the whole automotive industry, but to be successful, first it needs to be safe. Per Hellberg, a long-standing Volvo Group employee, saw a need for new competences and an opportunity to change careers. He is now the Volvo Group’s hydrogen safety expert.

It all starts here

Volvo Group Trucks Technology is the global research and development organization of the Volvo Group. We provide state-of-the-art research, engineering, product planning and project execution to final delivery and support of today’s and tomorrow’s transport and infrastructure solutions.

Team up with the sharpest minds of the industry

For us in the Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve and do better. Listen to some of our technology experts:

Working as a software developer at Volvo Group

When you see a truck on the street, the last thing you think of is how much software there is on that vehicle. In reality it is almost like a smartphone on wheels. Volvo Group was the first to launch Android 10 Automotive on commercial vehicles. This enables our customers to bring digital services onboard which enables productivity and revenues.

Meet Romi Zaragatzky, Backend Developer

I chose Volvo Group since it’s such a big organization. We are at the forefront of technology. We are using AWS Services, AWS Cloud and we’re constantly searching for new frameworks and tools. We have more than one million connected vehicles that we support, and they are running all over the world.

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