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Today data is our most important asset and analytics is getting more and more embedded in Volvo Group operational processes. We process and analyze data from our applications, factories, products (such as trucks), social media and other external sources. We use complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to discover new patterns and create value for our business. Each day we realize that we need even more information to make even better, data driven decisions.

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We need people like you to develop new data pipelines and by that enable new insights for our Data Analysts and Data Scientists. You will work in agile product teams with experts in various business domains, such as: manufacturing and logistics, sales, aftermarket, warranty etc. Your role will be to acquire and process data required by our business to make smarter decisions, optimize existing process and services, and create new solutions based on data.

Business data analyst jobs at Volvo Group

Apply to Volvo Group's data analyst jobs today. Together we can make smarter, more informed decisions to develop today and tomorrow's transportation and infrastructure solutions. Our engaged business data analysts are a vital part of our success. At the data analyst position, you will join a team alongside the best in the field. There are both senior and entry-level data analyst assignments where you can make a real difference.

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We love numbers in all departments

So, whether you’re a Data Engineer within IT, marketing, or finance, with experience of traditional platforms or knowledge of cloud-enabled analytics platforms, you are welcome to join us. We offer upskilling and reskilling training provided by our technology partners (Microsoft, Databricks, Informatica, Qlik, SAP). There is also space for on-the-job learning and knowledge sharing with experts in the latest technology in data analytics and IT jobs.

– there are both senior and entry-level data analyst assignments where you can make a real difference. We look forward to your application!

Business data analysts are vital in a data-driven era

Nowadays, there is an era of Data. After many decades of transactional systems usage, we collected many terabytes of data from different business domains like finance, logistics, product data etc. And now it's time to benefit from those data.
Modern technology based on the cloud, access to global data, and advanced mathematical algorithms allow us to deepen the data analysis. It helps to develop Volvo Group's products and services better, align the customer needs, and identify new business opportunities to execute our ideas on a global scale and keep the leader position in the automotive industry. Find all of our Technology and Engineering Jobs here.

Apply for entry-level data analyst jobs and advance with Volvo Group

At Volvo Group we value diversity and are well aware of the advantages of drawing ideas and viewpoints from different generations and people at different stages in their life. As an entry-level data analyst at Volvo Group, you get to work alongside and learn from the industry's sharpest minds while contributing already from day one.
Whether you're a newly graduated college student or have recently made a career change, our entry-level data analyst jobs are an excellent opportunity to kick-start your new career within Volvo and the transportation industry. Please apply to our business data analyst jobs today and make a real difference in society. Read more about how you can start your career development with Volvo Group. 

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