Operations is the category that describes the job areas involved in the manufacturing of all products, including logistics, assembly and remanufacturing, and it also includes development of the Volvo Group industrial footprint.

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Volvo Group builds a state of the art foundry for future generations in Skövde

At Volvo Group Trucks Operations in Skövde, a new foundry is currently being built. The state-of-the-art Line 7 will replace the 50-year-old Line 4. And with that change take advantage of both technical achievements and develop work organization and working methods.

Every end is a new beginning – Remanufacturing Process

The remanufacturing process within Volvo Group Circular Operations & Solutions presents one cornerstone in our sustainability journey. Through the remanufacturing process, we manage to turn end-of-life cores into as good as new products, ready for a second round of operation. A win-win-win concept as remanufacturing will benefit the environment, our customers, and our company.

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