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Volvo Group is taking the next step in developing designs that will define the future transport solutions and services. Facing new technologies and changing societal needs, we know we can offer exciting tasks for innovative talent and expertise up for the challenge. Skilled people like you!

Demands are high and tasks are tough, however we offer an inspiring environment of state of the art design, innovation and cross functional team work, where you will contribute to real project work from start.

Question is: are you willing to take on the challenge?

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UX Design

We work at the forefront of technology to create dynamic experiences and products that meet the needs of our future Volvo Group customers. We create solutions for on-board, desktop and mobile applications and look to hire:

UX Architecture and Service Designer, Global and Strategic


Tech. Design

We are committed to making designs closely linked to functional and technical requirements, and to bring new innovative ideas. We have the expertise to build concepts, models and visualisations, in close cooperation with the engineering community, to secure the quality of the products, as well as the quality of communication in the cross functional work. We are now looking for:

Studio Engineers

Physical Modeler

Design Management

To be a leader in one of the world’s most successful design departments is a true joy, and brings endless opportunities of breaking new grounds. We are looking for the courageous, creative, thoughtful and strategic professionals to develop our people, our ways of working, and our ability to perform to the next level. We look to hire:

Director Global and Strategic Studies, Product Design

Director Operational Excellence, Product Design

Expert Group Manager

More about what we do

Besides working in projects we do advanced design to explore new opportunities, creating inspirational dialogue for the Volvo Group. The GaiaX concept study is one example of this.

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