Accountability is key

One year into her career with the Volvo Group, Konstantina Elmpasidou, a Lead System Design Engineer with Group Trucks Technology, tells us why accountability is so important.

I applied for a job with Volvo Group because I want to work for a company at the forefront of innovation, where I’m constantly challenged to do better, and have plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I’m originally from Greece but, having completed my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, I moved to Sweden to do a Master of Science in Complex Adaptive Systems at Chalmers. The Volvo Group is one of the top companies in Sweden and I came into a great deal of contact with it during my time at Chalmers. Working for an innovator was hugely important to me but I was also looking for a company that would offer opportunities for personal and professional development. I wasn’t just looking for a job but something that would help me evolve in every way.

So far it’s been great! I’m lucky to have joined a team in which everyone is willing to share their experience and knowledge. I felt like I belonged from day one. A year in, things are getting more challenging, but the positive energy around me makes me confident and proud to call myself a Volvo Group employee.

I’m lucky to have joined a team in which everyone is willing to share their experience and knowledge.

During the on-boarding process, I understood how much my contribution matters and that I play a part in ensuring that we secure our goal of product leadership. I’m also responsible for my career development and it’s up to me – with the support of my manager, of course – to take the opportunity to try and learn new things. I’m grateful that Volvo Group makes it easy for us to develop and change our career path depending on our interests.

I’m based in Group Trucks Technology, the organization in Volvo Group that leads the way in terms of technological evolution and change for all of our brands and being part of this is a great challenge.

Accountability is key here. Being accountable is all about taking ownership of my actions and standing by them regardless of the result. For me, as a System Design Engineer, I have to make sure our product concepts are in line with our strategic goals and platform solutions, and that they live up to our customers’ expectations. This means reducing the complexity of our products, while maximizing flexibility and quality and optimizing cost.

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