Kaluga Truck Plant

Our Truck Plant is located in Kaluga, which is 180 km to the south-west of Moscow. The population of the Plant is around 700 employees, split between such Functions as Cab Body in White and Paint, Final Assembly and Customer Adaptation, Material Handling, Engineering and Maintenance, Quality and Environment, HR, VPS and Communication. At our Plant we produce heavy duty Volvo Trucks: FH, FM and FMX with 11 and 13 liters engines. In 2019 we celebrated our 10th anniversary which was marked by production of 30 000th truck and VPS Gold status of the Plant.

Some key facts:

Start date of the plant: January 19, 2009

number of employees: around 700

number of nationalities: over 10

total surface area: around 100 000 sq.m 

number of trucks per year: since 2009-2019 we produced  31 727 Vehicles: 28 000 Volvo & 3 727 Renault. 3689 cabs were exported to Ghent Plant

Visiting address:

Tulskoye Shosse 18, Kaluga, 248033, Russia

Contact details for externals:

Kaluga Plant VP Stefan Kohler

Telephone +74842714400