Meet Armando Fonseca

According to Armando Fonseca, the main advantages of working for the Volvo Group are the opportunities for personal and professional development. After acquiring significant product development experience, he has recently taken a step in a different direction, moving into purchasing.
Armando Fonseca
Armando Fonseca

During the economic crisis in 2008, Armando decided that he wanted to live closer to the French Alps and to his family. This is what made him start looking for a new job. Very soon, he found a position at the Volvo Group in Lyon working on the development of hybrid and electric trucks. This was a decision that he has never regretted.

“No, definitely not. Despite the economic crisis, I realised that Volvo was a company with a long-term perspective, a clear set of values and a strong culture,” he says.

After just over six years as a product development manager, Armando began looking for new professional challenges to strengthen his business mindset. Today he is working as a purchasing manager.

“There are so many opportunities open to you as an employee here. The company has a broad international base and a whole range of interesting jobs to choose from,” he explains.

In this role, Armando is mainly responsible for purchasing strategy for transmissions, including gearboxes and clutches. His experience is very useful.

“It’s partly because of my supplier management experience as an engineer and my business mindset that I understand the challenges and the engineers’ expectations of the purchasing department. This helps me to bring the two sides closer together.”

For Armando, the best part of his job is the international contacts.

“I am leading a team of buyers from all over the world. I really enjoy the global aspect of my job. We are faced with a lot of tough challenges when it comes to coordinating and putting together our purchasing strategy from a joint global perspective. But it’s fun and inspirational and it gives me the opportunity to grow.”

Name: Armando Fonseca
Master’s degree and PhD in electrical engineering, Institute of Technology, Grenoble, France
Global Commodity Manager
Volvo Group’s global truck technology and product development organization
Lyon, France

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