Audur Bjarnadottir

Audur Bjarnadottir

What´s the best thing about being part of the Volvo Group?
The diverse environment and all the amazing colleagues bring forward a culture that motivates people to grow and encourages team development and leadership. There are countless opportunities within the Volvo Group to work with inspiring people and to do what you are passionate about.

In short what have you done so far? 
I joined Volvo Group in 2015 and have been working in the Tuve truck plant since then, working both in logistics and production. My first role was as a logistics developer . Currently I work as a first line manager in manufacturing where I am responsible for both the operations and employees to ensure that we always deliver the best product to our customers.

Why would you recommend someone to apply for the Operation Graduate program?
The candidates that join the Operations Graduate Program will get the opportunity to work in an fast moving environment with constant action and challenges, surrounded by supporting colleagues that want to improve our products and processes.

Job rotations will give you the chance to see the business from several angles and meet exciting new people from all over the world. This allows you to develop skills  and networks that are very useful in your future career. If you join the Operations graduate program you will have the opportunity to come up with new and exciting ideas and the best part; to implement them.