Meet C. Neethi

C. Neethi works as application developer at Volvo Group IT with the responsibility to ensure successful releases for three of the CAD conversion related web applications.
C. Neethi
C. Neethi

The work include a number of activities such as planning and leading all testing activities, building production packages and software change and also configuration management.

“On a typical day, I check the issue tracking tool, named Jira, for enhancement requests, defects or change requests that’s assigned to me. Based on the task, I either do a technical feasibility analysis or carry out application development to meet the requirement specified”, she says.

Collaboration with other entities within the organisation is part of the daily business.

“As the application that I work with is responsible for converting and sharing CAD data to different downstream systems, my team and I work in close collaboration with different end-users”, she says and continues:

“These interactions are very important as it provides a good understanding about the challenges every other person faces in using our applications”.

C. Neethi started to work for the Volvo Group in late 2010, and one of her strongest Volvo memories is actually from that hiring process.

“When I came to do my job interview I remember that I saw a lot of happy faces. Every person I interacted with for the interview was professional, humble and helpful. It gave me a feeling that the organization had an excellent work culture, which was one of the reasons to why I chose Volvo as my employer.”

Name: Neethi C
Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Position: Application Developer
Organization: Group IT
Location: Bangalore