Meet Chris Clements

Early in his career, Chris Clements was given the opportunity to do a three month expat assignment in Brussels. This gave Chris a global view of the Volvo CE business and made him much more effective in the role he has today.
Chris Clements
Chris Clements

Chris Clements has the overall responsibility for the legal activities at Volvo Construction Equipment in North and South America. His job is to mitigate legal risk but ensuring that Volvo CE still sell machines and are involved in deals. On a day to day business, this means he’s involved in the whole life cycle of the company and its products - everything from machine design review to supplier contracts to machine shipments to machine sales to warranty claims to machine disposals…

To Chris collaboration is the key. By ensuring to involve legal early in the process they can help avoid many problems. This is why legal is represented on the Volvo CE management team and have a seat in most departmental function meetings.

Chris started at Volvo CE in 2007 and saw the Volvo Group as an opportunity to work in a challenging environment. Early in his career, Chris was given the chance to do a three month expat assignment in Brussels, Belgium. This gave Chris a global view of the business and made him more efficient in the role he has today.

His plan for the future is to continue to grow within the Volvo Group and help Volvo CE achieve its business goals while mitigating risk. Eventually, Chris would like to grow into a global legal position for one of the Group companies.

Name: Chris Clements
Education: BA - University of South Carolina, JD – Mercer University
Position: Vice President & General Counsel
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment North America, LLC
Location: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA