An Exhilarating Start!

Within a month of joining Volvo, as a Communication Business Partner, I was given the responsibility of organizing IgnITe, which is one of the most important events at Volvo Group IT India.
Revati Dubhashi
Revati Dubhashi

IgnITe gave me an opportunity to conduct brainstorming sessions and group discussions with diverse teams to ensure effective communication to stakeholders.

This was an enriching experience in itself, to conduct this grand event successfully in the presence of Mr. Kharge, Minister of State for IT, BT and Tourism, Government of Karnataka. But perhaps what was most touching and inspiring was when my manager appreciated my efforts in front of a large gathering during his speech! His sheer generosity left me truly humbled. With such an exhilarating start at Volvo, I enthusiastically look forward to such moments in the future. #wearevolvogroup

Name of the Employee: Revati Dubhashi
Virtual Manufacturing Expert