Meet Emily Gorman

What are the emissions regulations standards for vehicles in the US? Emily Gorman, at powertrain development in Hagerstown, USA knows the answer to that.
Emily Gorman
Emily Gorman

Her job is to keep track of laws and regulations for vehicles certification and to ensure that the Volvo Group is in adherence with these. 

One of Emily’s inspirations to apply for a job within the Volvo Group was her father.

”He had worked for the company for a long time and I was inspired by his stories about all the opportunities that are offered to employees here,” says Emily. 

Emily is now working in several areas within powertrain development. However the majority of her work has to do with keeping track of regulations and requirements set by North American authorities regarding greenhouse gas emissions. 

This work is full of challenges.

”As regulations become increasingly stringent it is important that we remain at the forefront of innovation and new technology. My job is to be an ambassador for these federal regulations towards the organization so that we are maintaining compliance, continually improving and have a competitive advantage,” she says. 

According to Emily, the best thing about working within the Volvo Group is all the contact and collaboration she has with colleagues around the world. 

”I have the benefit of being able to work with the most talented individuals in the entire industry,” she says. 

In the future, she wants to continue to focus on her work and build a career within the Volvo Group. 

”I am hopeful. We have good access to education and in-service training here. I look forward to learning more and growing in my work,” she says.

Name: Emily Gorman
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Major in English, Minor in Legal Documentation/Technical and Professional Writing, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Master of Business Administration, Executive Management, Frostburg State University, Maryland.
Position: Senior Product Engineer
Organization: Powertrain Engineering , Volvo Group’s global technology and product development
Location: Hagerstown, MD, USA