Emmy Wislander

Emmy Wislander

What´s the best thing about being part of the Volvo Group?
As an employee of the Volvo Group you will not only be surrounded by amazing people, you also have endless opportunities to work in different fields and with different tasks. When you discover your passion and what motivates you, Volvo Group have many opportunities for you. 

In short what have you done so far?
I started off as a logistics developer within material handling in the Tuve truck plant . Almost immediately I was given the opportunity to drive my own projects, from start to implementation. After the graduate program I took the final step to becoming a production leader with 25 employees.

Today my team handles all material shortages within the plant, which I subsequently follow up, communicate, and report to a variety of stakeholders. This entails collaboration with a multitude of different internal and external parties to make sure our customers get their trucks on time. My position requires  leadership skills , quick problem solving, and long-term strategic planning – all in one job.

Why would you recommend someone to apply for the Operation Graduate program?
You will get the opportunity to meet several like-minded and interesting individuals, both other graduates within the program and people you will encounter through common weeks and work rotations. The network and the holistic  view of the company you develop through the program is definitely priceless! Working within the Volvo Group´s global truck manufacturing organization gives you the chance to work in a high pace environment where your actions matter.