Meet Gunnel Eriksson

What do customers think? It is Gunnel Eriksson’s job to answer this question.
Gunnel Eriksson
Gunnel Eriksson

As Manager Market and Customer Intelligence at Volvo Trucks, she works with surveys of three kinds to understand truck customers’ needs and wishes.

“We analyse the way customers perceive our brands, how satisfied they are with the dealers and workshops and, in addition, we produce a purchasing barometer to assess future demand,” she explains.

Many people are interested in the results Gunnel Eriksson obtain.

The image surveys reveal customers’ perceptions of the Volvo Group’s brands in comparison with those of its competitors. The purchasing barometer forms the basis of production planning, while the customer satisfaction surveys, like the large Retail Excellence (REX), are used in work on quality at dealerships and workshops.

“It isn’t simply a question of research. It also involves finding errors and rectifying them,” explains Gunnel Eriksson.

So what is most important to customers? The answer can vary over time and between markets, but three areas stand out, according to Gunnel Eriksson.

“Reception, uptime and quality are given the highest rankings. All three of them are areas that are dependent on the skills and engagement of individual co-workers.”

Name: Gunnel Eriksson
Education: University of Gothenburg, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics, with a major in Marketing
Position: Manager Market and Customer Intelligence
Organization: Volvo Trucks
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden