Meet Kamila Czaja

When Kamila Czaja started working at Volvo Construction Equipment’s facility in Poland, she did so for a variety of reasons. “Volvo was a well-known employer in Poland, a company with a good reputation. What’s more, I appreciated the values of safety, care for the environment and quality that are represented by the Volvo brand,” she says. When the factory shut a few years later, she took the chance to move to Volvo CE’s headquarters in Brussels. A step she has never regretted.
Kamila Czaja
Kamila Czaja

“Here I can work in an international environment with interesting issues relating to the entire company’s operations. It’s a valuable experience that I will benefit from in the future,” she says.

Kamila works with the company’s strategic process. She plans and coordinates the results, supports the management and follows up the strategic goals.

In addition she supports a number of business development projects within the framework of the company’s corporate direction.

Her work-day consists largely of interaction with people via meetings, email conversations and conference calls. Her agenda is usually well-filled and for Kamila it is important to be flexible.

“It’s about being able to prioritise and quickly adjust when important issues turn up,” she comments.

Kamila’s work gives her both energy and satisfaction, she says and emphasises that she feels the company is investing in her development.

“I was given the freedom to do my work as I wanted. My employer trusts me and as a result I feel engaged and loyal. This is an open environment and the people with whom I work give me energy,” she says.

Name: Kamila Czaja
Education: Masters degree, Management and Production Engineering, Wroclaw University of Economics IE MBA, Louvain School of Management, Belgium
Position: Director Strategy
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment
Location: Brussels, Belgium, HQ