Meet Kim Skrzecz

Kim Skrzecz has worked with continuous improvement concepts in different companies for 20 years and still thinks it is just as much fun. “It’s exciting to make change! I’ve been doing this for two decades, but I still enjoy working with groups on creating a culture of continuous improvement,” she says.
Kim Skrzecz
Kim Skrzecz

As Corporate Quality Manager at Volvo Group North America, Kim Skrzecz has been involved in developing and delivering the Work Out Program, which targets Continuous Improvement efforts in an office environment. For Kim Skrzecz, it is very important to emphasise how useful this way of working can be for anyone, regardless of where in the organization they work.

“Many people think of Continuous Improvement as something that mainly occurs in production. But it concerns us all and we all need to focus on how to get better and more efficient.”

At the Volvo Group, this is done through VPS (Volvo Production System), which could and should be used throughout the organization.

In the Work Out Program, Kim Skrzecz and her colleagues train and coach groups of employees who collaborate in their daily work, but who may not work at the same location.

The groups get to develop an action plan on how to work with continuous improvement and, once the plan has sponsorship approval, they begin the work of implementation.

“One of the most exciting things about this programme is the way it has improved teamwork and understanding of each other’s roles. Since the groups have this ownership and responsibility, they are very engaged and work closer together,” says Kim Skrzecz.

As a Certified Quality Manager and Auditor with long experience, Kim Skrzecz is convinced that the need for a culture of continuous improvement will be increasingly critical for all companies that want to keep up with the competition.

Name: Kim Skrzecz
Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Management and Technology, North Carolina State University, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Pfeiffer College
Position: Corporate Quality Manager
Organization: Volvo Group North America
Location: Greensboro, USA