Meet Leon Li

Happier customers make the job all the more satisfying for Leon Li. ”Due to a high degree of competition we must always be at the top of our game. It is rewarding when customers choose our equipment and we see our market share increasing,” he says.
Leon Li
Leon Li

Leon Li has always been a fan of the Volvo brand, referring to Volvo’s good reputation. This is also what motivated him to join Volvo Construction Equipment’s sales and marketing division.

”I wanted to work for a company where variety and respect for the individual are highly valued,” he says.

There was not a lot of familiarity with the Volvo brand in the market when Leon Li began selling construction equipment. Volvo’s equipment has become increasingly popular and in demand in China as the industry has undergone substantial growth.

”It has been fantastic to be part of this and to see how the company has developed,” he says.

The Chinese market is currently experiencing a downturn and Leon Li sees this as a major new challenge.

”We have to work hard in order to compete with other companies both internationally and locally. But it is also very satisfying to see the number of happy customers increase and a greater market share. My job constantly places me at the front lines which is very exciting.”

Leon Li definitely sees a future for himself within the Volvo Group.

”Volvo is such a large a global company, there are many possibilities to build a career here and find new and interesting opportunities. I also appreciate that it is a global company with a diversity of cultures and people with different perspectives.”

Name: Leon Li
Education: Bachelor degree in economy from Shanghai University and Master degree in marketing from Shanghai Financial University
Position: Business Director
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment
Location: Shanghai, China