Meet Maria Arnell

Maria Arnell is used to being told that she has the best job in Sweden. “No two days are the same. I work in a creative and inspirational environment with great people,” she says.
Maria Arnell
Maria Arnell

If a lot of people with the skills that the Volvo Group needs are interested in working for the organisation, Maria Arnell knows that she is making good progress in her job.

“Ultimately, employer branding is about attracting, retaining and supporting the most talented people.”

Maria works for the Volvo Group in Sweden in the field of employer branding and long-term skills requirements. Part of her job involves going out and meeting students and other potential job applicants and telling them all about the Volvo Group.

“I usually explain that 70 percent of potential employees stop and wait in reception. That means not even half of them start climbing the stairs, generally because they don’t know where they should go. The Volvo Group is very big and can be overwhelming. Part of my work with employer branding is to show these people the way and to give them the opportunity to meet their potential colleagues and to find out whether the Volvo Group could be their employer,” she says.

Maria spends a lot of time visiting schools and universities where she meets the Volvo Group’s future employees. She also gives presentations on employer branding to a variety of organisations.

“I simply have to make people aware of what a great employer the Volvo Group is,” she says.

Maria is also responsible for internal employer branding, which involves encouraging employees to remain committed to the company and to feel proud of it.

“The employees are the ambassadors of the Volvo Group as an employer. It’s important that we are transparent, honest and clear when we talk about the group both externally with potential job applicants and internally with colleagues,” she says.

Maria began working at Volvo IT in 2012. She had an internship there and completed her degree dissertation. After that she decided to stay on.

“Volvo has always been very important to me. I’ve got family members and friends working here and I plan to stay,” she explains.

Name: Maria Arnell
Education: Work Sciences, Halmstad University
Position: Talent Relations and Employer Branding Manager
Organisation: HR Services, Volvo Group
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden