Meet Martin Barle

Martin Barle’s job involves everything from being a favourite uncle to acting as a tour guide.
Martin Barle

He is the head of the Volvo Group’s graduate programme and his role is to ensure that the trainees have the best possible experience at the company.
“They are Volvo’s future and it’s important to keep them within the group,” he says.

On the most recent occasion, 6,000 people applied to the Volvo Group’s international graduate programme. Around 30 were given a place, which leads directly to a permanent job in the group.

“They all have great profiles and I’m impressed by their level of knowledge. The programme is an excellent opportunity for the group to attract very talented people,” Martin Barle explains.

After taking a degree in human resources management, he worked for several years as a recruitment specialist and manager in the consultancy and recruitment industry. Joining the Volvo Group appealed to him because he likes the company’s values.

“It’s a welcoming organisation where issues like equality and diversity are really taken seriously. That’s important to me,” he says.

Another advantage of the Volvo Group is that its work is global. This is something that Martin Barle had the chance to experience when he had only been in his job for a few weeks.

“I went on a study trip to India with one of the graduate groups. It was exciting to be thrown in at the deep end and luckily I had a lot of help from the group’s local employees. It really is special to work in such an international environment. I begin the day by contacting people in Japan and I end it by talking to my colleagues in the USA,” he says.

One requirement for the job, according to Martin Barle, is an inquisitive nature and an interest in people. He explains how rewarding it is to work with all the trainees. He also sees himself as someone who the managers responsible for mentoring the trainees can bounce ideas off.

“The mentors play an important part in ensuring that the trainees make good progress and stay with the company. My role is to support the managers so that they can do as effective a job as possible,” he explains.

Name: Martin Barle

Education: Degree in human resources, Lunds University

Position: Head of the group’s international graduate programme

Organisation: HR Services, Volvo Group

Workplace: Gothenburg, Sweden

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