Meet Naoko Kimura

Naoko Kimura works as HR Business Partner, Powertrain Production Japan, but she has previously worked in Sweden.
Naoko Kimura
Naoko Kimura

 “I am now back in Ageo City, where I was born and grew up and where my parents still live,” says Naoko Kimura.

“It took a roundabout route to return here, though having studied and worked in the USA for 16 years, she began working at UD Trucks back in Japan in 2007. Some years ago, she was offered the opportunity to go and work in Sweden. She moved to Gothenburg and worked with support to SVP and GTO global controlling.

“Working in Sweden was an invaluable experience and I enjoyed the food, nature, traditions and working freedom. I met Volvo people from all over the world and even tried to learn Swedish. When living in another country, learning a local language offers a greater understanding of the people and culture. It is also a way to appreciate and show respect for where you live”.

Her background is in behavioural and social sciences, specifically Human Development and Multicultural Counselling.

“I knew that HR was the area that I wanted to work in after having been exposed to business management, network building and the Volvo way of working in Sweden. My manager there was very supportive of my next step towards working in HR in my home country”.

She applied for the HR post at Powertrain and, with great support from management in both Sweden and Japan, she was given this opportunity.

“ Now I have moved back to Ageo City and I am really enjoying my new role. I hope to be one of the bridges between Sweden and Japan. It’s great that more people have opportunities to work outside their initial ‘job family’ and their own countries.”

Name: Naoko Kimura
Education: A master’s degree in Human Development and another graduate degree (Education Specialist) in multicultural counseling at University of Nevada, Reno, USA.
Position: HR Business Partner
Organization: Powertrain Production UD Trucks
Location: Ageo, Japan