Meet Noriaki Okimoto

Noriaki Okimoto is responsible for a system used by the Volvo Group’s service workshops all over the world. “I work with world-leading technology on a day-to-day basis,” he says.
Noriaki Okimoto
Noriaki Okimoto

In Ageo, Japan, the Volvo Group manufactures trucks under the UD Trucks brand. Noriaki Okimoto monitors and tests the Tech Tool system to ensure that it is working effectively and can be adapted to the UD Trucks models. The system obtains data from trucks and runs diagnostic functions before the trucks are repaired or serviced. It is used throughout the Volvo Group and it is precisely this global perspective that Noriaki values, because it helps him to grow and develop.

“I’ve learnt a lot about customer services and software throughout the world. I’m also finding out about UD Trucks’ models and about the group’s other vehicles. It’s very exciting!”

Noriaki has always been interested in working in the automotive industry and while he was studying in the USA, he decided that he wanted to join a global company.

Despite all the advantages that working for a global organisation brings, Noriaki believes that it also presents a number of challenges.

The English language is one example.

“For many people here, English is their second language and sometimes it can be difficult for us to understand one another,” says Noriaki and also explains that it is important to be aware of time differences when you are working in a team with members all over the world.

He wants to continue working in the field of technology and innovation in future.

“I want to develop new ideas and solutions that can be used throughout the group,” he says and mentions that the company offers good opportunities for training.

“Soon I will be going to Sweden to meet my colleagues there, which will give me the opportunity to grow and develop even further. I’m looking forward to it!”

Name: Noriaki Okimoto
Education: Master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Tokyo City University
Position: Diagnostic Engineer
Organization: Volvo Group’s global truck technology and product development organization
Location: Ageo, Japan

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