Meet Ramkumar Paulsamy

Ramkumar Paulsamy wants a job in which he can utilise his full potential. He has found this at the Volvo Group in India. ”The opportunities are enormous,” he says.
Ramkumar Paulsamy
Ramkumar Paulsamy

When a customer picks up a new truck from the manufacturing facility in Bangalore, it must meet the highest quality standards.

Ramkumar Paulsamy works with a team to evaluate each truck that is manufactured, ensuring its quality before delivery to the customer.

”We are to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that they receive a good, reliable truck. Our challenge is to make sure that the customer experiences as few unplanned stops and repair costs as possible when they are out on the road,” he says.

Ramkumar Paulsamy sought an opportunity with the Volvo Group eight years ago. He wanted to work for an international company with good possibilities for development.

Over the years he has held a number of interesting positions. Among others, as project manager for the development of the factory’s test track, as test manager for the new UD Truck, Quester, and as an analyst of competitor vehicles.

”I have experienced many proud moments here at the factory,” he says.

In the future, Ramkumar would like to continue to work with product development in a global team. He would also like to grow in his leadership role. He has therefore studied project management and gained the skills needed to lead multicultural teams at the Volvo Group’s own university, Volvo Group University.

”Here I have all the opportunities I need to develop myself in terms of both professional and personal qualities,” he says.

Name: Ramkumar Paulsamy
Education: Mechanical Engineer. Certification in Project Management Professional
Position: Project Manager in quality assurance
Organization: Volvo Group’s truck manufacturing
Location: Bangalore, India