Meet Rόża Rudkiewicz

Rόża Rudkiewicz works at the Volvo Buses plant in Wroclaw, Poland. Together with her colleagues, she builds both electric and diesel buses on the same production line. This requires a high degree of flexibility, skills and above all, team work.
Rόża Rudkiewicz
Rόża Rudkiewicz

In her role as inner equipment assembler, Rόża assembles all the internal equipment in the bus, such as handles, curtains, first aid kits and clothes hangers. 

“A very important aspect of my job is to assure high product quality.  In a typical working day, I start with checking the specification of the bus which is currently at my assembly station. Next, I check that all the parts have been delivered and assemble everything. At the end of the day, I fill in a bus binder to confirm what I’ve done and clean up my work station.

As an assembler, Rόża is not directly involved with the ElectriCity project but she has strong views on the Electric Hybrid and the Electric Concept Bus.

“I think the work with the electric buses is great! The new technology reduces energy consumption, carbon dioxide emission and noise. This creates many benefits for the customers and I’m convinced that it will increase our customers’ satisfaction.”

“The Volvo Group is constantly developing to increase and sustain its position on the market and in order to succeed, the employees need to be in constant development too. I really like that. There are other advantages with working at Volvo. Good social and medical care is one valuable aspect and above all, we have a good atmosphere at work”

To prepare for future challenges, all production workers are participating in an Operational Development program.

“Together with my colleagues, we are strongly engaged in team work. Quality and safety is at the center of everything we do and we developing continually in this area. Our most important objective is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by stabilizing the processes, assuring delivering on time and eliminating faults.”

Name: Rόża Rudkiewicz
Education: Secondary education as administration technician
Position: Inner equipment assembler
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Time at the Volvo Group: 11 years