Meet Sven Olovson

Sven Olovson always has a bag packed and waiting at home. In his role as Accident Research Manager at Volvo Buses, he must be ready to travel anywhere in the world where there has been a serious accident involving a Volvo bus.
Sven Olovson - Accident Research Manager at Volvo Buses
Sven Olovson - Accident Research Manager at Volvo Buses

“I work closely with all our markets and my role is to help investigate accidents, identify the causes and report on what has happened,” he says.

Sven’s work allows Volvo Buses to learn lessons from accidents and do everything possible to ensure that they don’t happen again.

“We make use of the knowledge we acquire to improve safety levels even further,” he explains.

According to Sven, one of the common causes of bus accidents is poor maintenance. This leads to short circuits in damaged wiring, worn brakes and other similar problems.

“My job is to inform the bus owners, our customers, about the importance of regular servicing and of using good quality spare parts. Obviously, it is just as important to our customers that their buses are safe as it is to us. I always receive a warm welcome when I come to investigate an accident,” he says.

Sven Olovson has worked for the Volvo Group since 1979 and for Volvo Buses since 1994. He has been responsible for investigating bus accidents for the last few years. He describes his job as incredibly interesting, exciting and varied.

“I feel that I can make a difference and that my work is an important part of the ongoing safety activities at Volvo Buses,” he says.

It is essential for him to have an in-depth knowledge of buses and of the industry. He also needs to have good social skills.

“I often meet people who are in the midst of a crisis and I have to be able to handle that sort of situation. I have attended several training courses on crisis management during my time at Volvo.”

According to Sven, in future, the majority of work in the field of safety will involve developing technical systems to help bus drivers, passengers and other road users.

When Sven is not travelling to visit the scenes of bus accidents, he is working with different authorities and organisations on issues such as fire prevention and road safety.

The number of trips he makes varies considerably throughout the year.

“It varies a lot. Sometimes I travel several times a month and then there might be a long gap between trips. But that’s OK, because my children are grown up and so I can get away quickly.”