Meet Ulrika Jacobsson

Ulrika Jacobsson’s work focuses on creating dialogue between managers and employees. “I support the managers in leadership and employee engagement. I monitor opinions about and attitudes to our values and corporate culture. All so as to strengthen the teams and boost people’s motivation at work,” she explains.
Ulrika Jacobsson
Ulrika Jacobsson

The foundation of Ulrika’s work is the Group’s annual attitude survey, VGAS. She analyses the results and uses them as the basis for her work with the various groups.

“A lot of the focus is on asking questions and listening to what people have to say,” she says.

Ulrika feels she has the best job in the Group. She says that the combination of meeting employees from all over the world in various operations and seeing the results of her work is unbeatable.

“The response is fantastic. Things start happening in the groups as they start discussing our values, our vision and our goals. This provides enormous impetus and promotes a feeling of involvement,” she says and reckons that this is vital in today’s tough competition.

“The world is changing fast and we have to keep up. Without engaged employees we simply won’t manage,” she observes.

Often it is the working groups and teams that get in touch with Ulrika to request her support and assistance in making progress. Sometimes, however, it is she who takes the initiative to contact the groups.

Ulrika feels that one of the big challenges with her job lies in the large, complex company that is the Volvo Group, characterised by its various cultures, markets and operations.

“I may sometimes move a bit too fast. But no group is like any other. There are no simple solutions and that is actually what makes it all so exciting,” she says.

Ulrika started working at the Volvo Group in 2006, and her previous positions included team development, leadership development and recruitment before she joined Volvo Group HR and the Culture and Organization Development department.

Name: Ulrika Jacobsson
Education: Master of Science, Business Administration, University of Gothenburg
Position: Director Employee Engagement and VGAS Strategy
Organization: Group HR, Culture and Organisation Development
Location: Gothenburg