Volvo Group Recruitment Events

There is nothing like meeting people in real life!

Each year, we dedicate time to go out and meet thousands of potential employees at recruitment events. We do this because we want to get to know you – and also because we want to give you the chance to build a relationship with us. Who knows? Even if it is not a perfect match from the beginning, we might make a connection further down the road.

For us, it is important to get our story out there and make sure people know about the innovative work we do. But it is equally important to get to meet you and answer any questions you might have. Career events are great places to talk – it is much easier to answer your questions about our job opportunities and openings when meeting face to face.

Come and join us at an event and discover all the career opportunities we offer. It could very well be your ticket to shaping the future of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions together with almost 100,000 colleagues in 190 markets.

    There are no events to show here at the moment, but stay tuned for new events soon!

    18 matches

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    18 matches

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What happens at Volvo Career Events?

A Volvo hiring event open up for several different opportunities. We regularly invite students and potential recruits to visit us and see our latest innovative achievements. It could be about our autonomous truck Vera, or it could be someone showcasing the successful Electric Site that dramatically reduced quarry emissions. And sometimes, inspiring speakers from within our organization hold public talks about new developments and our culture.

We also like to drop by at your place. We value our relationship with the academic world and often participate in events where students and companies get together. These gatherings provide an opportunity for us to spread the word of our breakthroughs and innovations to an audience where some of our future innovators might be present.

We want to be where the action is. Hence, we also attend job fairs and exhibitions. For us, these are important events where we can meet potential recruits. Keep an eye on our schedule and look for an upcoming job fair near you!

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