Volvo Group talks about Innovation & Diversity

Be inspired! Start your day in the best way possible with breakfast, time to network and mingle, and let us challenge your view on diversity and innovation. The seminar starts at 08.00.
Two women and one man smiling in to the camera

Our talented and inspirational colleagues will tell their story about how we face challenges and bring success to our business, interviewed by our culture development director.

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Meet our colleagues

Hanna Ljungqvist
Hanna Ljungqvist started off as a Volvo Group international graduate and has since then had various positions related to product planning and –development. Today Hanna works as manager for product planning.
“Diversity increase the ability to discover new perspectives, which is what innovation is all about“

Redha Messaoui
Redha Messaoui has made a career within consumer electronics and automotive, currently in project management and purchasing. He is French and has lived and worked abroad for many years.
“Diversity is an enabler for a company and one key element to foster Innovation. Thus said, have we really understood what true Diversity is about and what kind of Diversity can better support Innovation in the future? Join our breakfast seminar to learn more about that topic.”

Christer Brasta
Christer Brasta has worked for the Volvo Group since 1998 in various areas and positions. He currently holds the position of Culture Development Director with the goal to unite leaders and employees to increase the engagement and performance of the Volvo Group.
“For me a key enabler for innovation is diversity in soft differences. Yes gender, nationality, age, etc. is important, but to gather people with different personalities, values and ways of thinking is the thing that can truly generate a strong innovation force.”

Helene Niklasson
Helene Niklasson has worked in the automotive industry almost her whole carrier of 20 + years, currently in a leading position. She finds it to be complex, exciting and challenging and therefore really appreciates her job.
“Diversity is an enabler for good innovation. To tackle a real problem in the most successful way various aspects such as domain, gender, age and background are essential to bring in.”

Edward Jobson
Edward Jobson has a PhD in catalysis from Switzerland and thereafter became Associated Professor at Chalmers. He has improved environmental performance of Volvo vehicles since he started at Volvo Technology in 1989. Currently Edward is Chief Engineer for Electric Volvo Buses.
“Can electric vehicles and autonomous drive turn the commercial vehicle business upside down?”