Volvo Aero signs contract with Snecma covering series production of nozzles and turbines

Volvo Aero has signed a contract with Snecma involving series production of nozzles and LH2 turbines for the Vulcain 2 engine on some 30 Ariane 5 rockets.

The five-year contract is valued at about EUR 30 M. Deliveries began this year and will continue through 2010. “It is highly pleasing that we received the contract since it secures our basic production in the years immediately ahead”, says Torgny Stenholm, Vice President Space Markets and Programs at Volvo Aero.

Volvo Aero has been involved in the development of the Vulcain engine and had series deliveries for engines since 1994. In total, Volvo has delivered components to some 20 Ariane 5 rockets to date.

The Vulcain is the main-stage engine for the Ariane 5. The Ariane 5 has flown commercially since 1998 and in February this year the Ariane 5 ECA was successfully launched with the new, more powerful Vulcain 2 engine.

Volvo Aero has cooperated with Snecma since the early 1980s in the development and production of the Vulcain/Vulcain 2 engines for the European Ariane 5 rocket.

The areas in which Volvo Aero has specialized are the development and production of the nozzle and turbines for rocket engines. Experience from these components, for all versions and the Vulcain engine, has made it possible for Volvo Aero to become the Center of Excellence in Europe for nozzles and turbines.