New range of motor graders

Adopting a ‘clean sheet’ approach, the seven model G900 range of motor graders combines higher productivity with increased user friendliness in a quality Volvo package.

Volvo CE´s new G900 range of motor graders are design from scratch. Built on two distinct but integrated platforms, there are seven models in the range, including two all wheel drive machines. Fitted with either a D7 or D9 Volvo engine, the G900 range is designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service – in a quality package.

The G900 family combines the technological strength of the Volvo Group with familiar Volvo CE attributes such as a superior operator environment. Each G900 Motor Grader features EU Stage IIIA and US Tier 3 compliant Volvo engines utilizing Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT) to run cleanly and without the extra service requirements of additional equipment or after-treatment of exhaust gases.

Much of the finesse of motor graders lies in their ability to translate engine power into useable traction and control – and the transmission is central to this. The G900 range of motor graders uses Volvo’s own designed HTE840 transmission which has selectable Manual, (optional) Autoshift and Travel modes. With Autoshift the operator selects the target gear and the transmission shifts automatically through turns and grades as needed. Its shuttle shift feature aids quick, simple duty cycles by allowing shuttling between selected forward and reverse gears in a single smooth motion without clutching or pausing, greatly reducing operator fatigue.

The operator environment of the G900 range meets the demands of safety, comfort and ease of use that has become a signature of the Volvo range. With the support of the worldwide Volvo CE dealer network, the new G900 family of Volvo Motor Graders sets a new standard in grading performance and productivity.

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