Leif Johansson participates in group for sustainable development

Leif Johansson was recently appointed to participate in the Swedish government’s Commission for Sustainable Development. The group’s main brief is to work on issues relating to climate change.
One of the biggest challenges facing the EU is its climate-related policy. At the EU summit last week, the leaders agreed on a formula whereby the proportion of renewable energy within the bloc should reach 20 percent by 2020.

In Sweden, the government recently appointed a Commission for Sustainable Development. The group consists of 13 representatives of industry, the political establishment and the research world. Volvo’s CEO Leif Johansson is one of the members.

“For Volvo and the vehicle industry, environmental issues are very important and with our considerable know-how in this area I feel it is vital that we contribute as much as we can,” says Leif Johansson in a comment.

The Commission is tasked with promoting cross-disciplinary interaction and cooperation, adopting an international perspective and taking account of ecological, social and economic aspects in the course of its work. The primary question to be addressed by the Commission is that of climate change.

Leif Johansson was also a member of the previous Swedish government’s Oil Commission, whose brief was to produce measures to make Sweden independent of oil.