Zero-tolerance vision supported at Safe & Sober talk in Brussels

With the fourth Safe & Sober talk, held in Brussels yesterday at the House of Representatives, the Safe & Sober Campaign marked another success in promoting the actions taken against drink driving in commercial transport and leveraging awareness for a Pan-European harmonisation in Blood Alcohol Concentration-levels.
Herman De Croo opening the Safe & Sober talk in Brussels

Both representatives from Belgian Parliament, the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport, the Federal Police and Belgian Road Safety Institute were present at the meeting chaired by ETSC.


Delivering Volvo’s vision on the topic, Lennart Pilskog, Director Public Affairs Volvo Truck Corporation, sparkled the debate that concluded with an intense Q&A session. Lennart commented: “It is peculiar to see that within the EU there is a technical standard and proper definition for almost everything, but not for Alcohol Interlocks. There is an opportunity to play a role in this process and to be one of the leading players when it comes to promoting the voluntary use of such systems”.

The main points discussed were the actions needed to have a nation-wide database for recidivists and the opportunity to lower the BAC not only for novice and commercial drivers but for society at large. A vision supported by the Belgian Federal Police.

The Safe & Sober Campaign covers a series of activities where Volvo Group and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) are advocating a harmonised BAC level throughout the European Union (0,2%) for breath tests taken from commercial drivers. It aims at raising the awareness of the challenge to reduce the number of fatal road accidents where misuse of alcohol is involved.

A more detailed report can be obtained from the Volvo Group Representation, EU web site

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